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The StoryLine

Art: Horacio Cardo


Was he a revolutionary genius, far ahead of his time, who released humanity from the shackles of oppression, religion and hypocrisy?
Or was he a greedy, devious charlatan who contaminated humanity’s moral values and swindled theories from others? 
He died in 1939, yet his profound presence in our life makes him "More Alive Than Dead".
With world-renowned experts on Freud, presenting pros and cons, and supported by animations, humor, art and music, "More Alive Than Dead" presents the multi-faceted Freudian influence on our culture and society. 
In a world of post-truth and alternative-facts, where firm arguments are met with ludicrous slogans, the Freudian ideas are still alive and kicking.
This thought-provoking, playful, film, proposes an end to the 100 years' "Freud Wars" with animated illustrations, new perspectives and a Freudian Selfie to trade-mark it. 
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome: Sigmund Freud!

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