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Marcos Zurita

Was Sigmund Freud the revolutionary genius who changed our way of thinking or was he a charlatan who stole theories from others? Recognized experts, animators, comics and musicians reflect on the influence of Freudian thought in our culture. No revolution is carried out without it generating an opposite reaction. Forced by the context of his time, Freud tried to anticipate his enemies by exposing his ideas with a thorough argumentative quality. Several voices spoke against it, both within and outside psychoanalysis. Despite that, the Freudian theory established itself in Western culture. The id, ego, and super-ego. Free association, unconscious, the Freudian slip. There’s no area in the world of ideas, healthcare, or the arts that hasn’t been touched by some Freudian concept. More Alive than Dead aims at the certainties and controversies of the man behind Freudian ideas. In an equal yet different world of post-truth and alternative facts, where good arguments are faced with slogans, and theories by ironic commentaries, Freudian ideas are still very present, very much so.
Marcos Zurita, Critique,  Buenos Aires, Argentina

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