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Horacio Cardo, a world known illustrator, published a book and put up an exhibition, both named PsychoMigrations, with the theme being denouncing Freud and psychoanalysis.

Wandering through his exhibition in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I was stunned by his powerful, impressive, intense, daring, surprising, unique and titillating works of art. It became clear that Horacio Cardo shatters, in his works and words, the personal and professional world of Freud. The exhibition, says Horacio, was a task that demanded courage as Buenos Aires leads the world in the number of patients and practitioners of psychoanalysis. Both Horacio and his art are daring, surprising, impressive. Filmed in his studio - he shares with the viewer his thoughts, methods, point of view and works.

Elio Capchuk, the curator of the museum and the exhibition, presents the unique artistic talents and skills of Horacio and responds to the artist's notions towards Freud. "Freudism is based upon overworked imagination, detached from reality and supported by a series of fairy tales." .

Archives of newspapers and media around the world allow a glimpse into the rich - and enriching - artistic capabilities of Horacio and are evidence to his talent to portray a political, social or personal agenda in clear-cut, sharp and intense illustrations.

His works do depict it all: His firm stands regarding human rights as well as liberal, political and social stands. He denounces Freud's personality, attacks his allegedly manipulative attitude towards his students, and outright blames him for stealing ideas and insights from the people that have surrounded him. He has an uncompromising agenda against what he calls "The Great Fraud And Deception" and the name is spelled as 'Fraude' ('fraud' in Spanish) rather than Freud. When taking into consideration that Paris and Buenos Aires are sharing the world's first place of the largest percentage of population being psychoanalyzed – then the supposedly outrageous stand of Horacio is worth probing.

PsychoMigrations was ranked top-three in several festivals in the USA.

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