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Prof. Murray Schwartz 

Dear Zaki,
When you first approached me about an interview for a film about Freud’s influence in the 20th century, I was not sure what you had in mind, but I was captured by your enthusiasm and agreed to meet in Boston. Now that your curiosity about Freud’s controversial impact has been transformed into the wonderful work, “More Alive Than Dead,” I and your audience – which I hope will be very large and various – can see how you have brought Freud’s thought and multifarious influences to life for contemporary viewers.  Your film is both a delight and an excellent educational vehicle.  You entertain your viewers in multiple forms of representation while portraying the ambivalent reception of Freud’s work in Western cultures through excellent use of interviews with psychoanalysts, scholars and artists from many countries.  I am especially impressed with the flow of your narrative, the way you weave subject matter through visual and verbal presentations.   Your film is accessible for beginners and experts alike.  It was certainly a hit on Tel Aviv TV!
I am delighted that the PsyArt Foundation has chosen “More Alive Than Dead” for viewing and discussion at the 34th International Conference on Psychology and the Arts in Palermo in June.  I hope that it will be recognized at other conferences, festivals and educational institutions as well. It’s a first-rate work, and I’m glad to play a part in it.
All best wishes,
Murray Schwartz
Professor Emeritus, Emerson College
Director of the Center for Multidisciplinary Psychoanalytic Studies,
Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

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